<a href="http://live.svacc.ps/resilience-and-hope-youth-and-peace-building-in-palestine/"><b>RESILIENCE AND HOPE: YOUTH AND PEACE BUILDING IN PALESTINE</b></a><p>Today’s younger generations of Palestinians desperately need to become more engaged in community peacebuilding activities to end the division of Palestinian society. The engagement of the younger generation in civil</p> <a href="http://live.svacc.ps/international-campaign-raise-the-voices-of-victims-and-advocate-the-rights-of-displaced-families/"><b>International Campaign: Raise the Voices of Victims and Advocate the Rights of Displaced Families</b></a><p>In 2016, SVF organised 5 international advocacy meetings in cooperation with civil society organisations in Belgium, Ireland and UK to discuss the issues of displaced families in Gaza post-2014. The</p> <a href="http://live.svacc.ps/the-challenges-and-opportunities-of-donor-driven-aid-to-youth-refugees-in-palestine/"><b>The Challenges and Opportunities of Donor-Driven Aid to Youth Refugees in Palestine</b></a><p></p> <a href="http://live.svacc.ps/svf-launched-advocacy-for-displaced-families-and-demolished-houses-in-gaza-strip-project/"><b>SVF launched Advocacy for Displaced Families and Demolished Houses in Gaza Strip Project</b></a><p>On December 1, 2015, Society Voice Foundation- SVF launched this 12 months project to advocate the rights of displaced families whose homes were demolished by the Israeli war machines during</p> <a href="http://live.svacc.ps/empowerment-women-civic-engagement-and-public-freedoms/"><b>Empowerment Women Civic Engagement and Public Freedoms</b></a><p>SVF is currently implementing a program “Empowerment Women Civic Engagement and Public Freedoms” in cooperation with WWDP. SVF aims at empowering women civic participation in public policies and freedoms. It</p> <a href="http://live.svacc.ps/women-community-empowerment-forums/"><b>Women Community Empowerment Forums</b></a><p>From January 2014 to March 2014, SVA organized 23 forums meetings throughout the Gaza Strip. Through the meetings, SVF has assisted the trainees to put their newly acquired skills on</p> <a href="http://live.svacc.ps/public-awareness-sessions-on-women-empowerment/"><b>Public Awareness Sessions on Women Empowerment</b></a><p>From January 2014 to March 2014, SVF organized 13 public awareness sessions to educate women on different civic issues to improve their leadership orientation,  social participation and contribution at all</p>