Women Movement and Challenges …..For Where

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SVF and its partner, Maghazi Women Activity Centre succeeded to organize a one day conference to conclude the project’s achievements and getting recommendations for future similar actions from the participants and speakers as well. The conference entitled a broader on “Women Movement and Challenges …..For Where” at the Palestinian Red Crescent Association, Tal Alhawa, Gaza on May 14th, 2009. It was held between 09:00 a.m. and 14:00 p.m. attended by a greater number of participants from different stakeholders, civil society representatives, active women, human rights’ specialists, community activists, legal scholars, media, universities’ students, graduates and women’s institutions. The inaugural session was opened by a welcoming word for the SVF’s director, Mr. Ibrahim Natil.

The first session tackled “Women Movement and violence phenomenon in Gaza Strip”. Mrs. Ibtesam Alza’aneen, social worker and member of the high administrative assembly of the Palestinian Women Union. During the talks, the impact of violence phenomenon in any society and the women movement role was analyzed and discussed. In her role, Mrs. Alza’aneen presented her paper on ” Women Movement in Gaza Strip between Reality and challenges” by saying that the next step requires building and formalizing firm satisfaction on the necessity of uniting women agendas through adopting mechanisms take into account women developed characteristics on the systematic level referring to importance of giving priority of general women interests over self-interests. In this context, she pointed out the necessity of achieving and fulfilling Palestinian woman needs and interests by the women movement specially stopping violence against woman besides putting works’ plans take into consideration urgent situation to achieve women requirements.

In her role, Mrs. Flora Al.Masri, legal activist discussed in detail violence phenomenon in Gaza Strip and presented her paper on ” violence phenomenon in Gaza Strip” by defining violence, violence kinds, reasons and its negative impact on woman, family and the whole community. She referred that the most important reason to spread such phenomenon is the woman herself due to her subjugating, accepting to violence as well as her ignorance to her rights beside other cultural, social, political, economic and other surrounded factors.

During the second session, Mrs. Majda Albalbesi, journalist and social worker, presented an important issue has disseminated recently in the Palestinian community largely on killing women on honor backgrounds assisting on the importance of changing the negative expression to killing on social backgrounds instead of honor issues that gives perpetrator and the community the excuse to accept such crimes. In her paper, she showed important statistics refer to increase women killing averages in Gaza Strip to reach 15 killing cases on social backgrounds issue in Gaza Strip and the West Bank during 2008. According to the present year (2009), 4 women were killed in Gaza Strip during the first three months. In the second session, Mr. Mohsen Abu Ramdan, developmental searcher, discussed in his paper ” NGO’s role to stop violence issues against woman “. He referred that in our community male dominance is the prevailing culture indicating that despite woman participation in work and education field, she lakes a lot of her rights guarantee equality citizenship.

In this context, he pointed out that violence is an international phenomenon and it connects directly to poverty that leads to a lot of social and psychological crises. Hence he indicated to the importance of NGO’s coalition to raise community and woman awareness to stop violence phenomenon against woman with assisting on the great role falls upon officials and decision-makers. In addition, he emphasized on the importance role of the schools and mosques to contribute at social changing towards community development and raising.

In the third session, ” legal institutions role at stopping violence against woman ” a paper presented by Mr. Salah Abed Al’ati, director of Independent Commission Office for Human Rights, Gaza. He criticized the violations of freedoms and human rights in Gaza that the Palestinian community witnesses daily. Accordingly, he invited community and legal organizations to take more procedures and actions and challenge obstacles and difficulties face them especially in an environment with legal system disables to protect citizens rights. furthermore, he assisted on the necessity of legal protection to apply law as well as independent judicial authority either in Gaza or the West Bank. In his role, Mr. Talal Okal presented a paper on” violence against woman from the media perspective”. He assisted that the Palestinian media plays an important role at challenging and facing the occupation but it lakes its creativeness when it tackles and discusses social problems and issues especially violence against woman. Therefore, the media should play an important role in highlighting women role models by creating discussions with families, opening new perspectives for individuals and slowly but surely, contributing to making change within the society.

In conclusion, the participants assisted on the importance of adopting practical strategies and mechanisms of women’s institutions and bodies to assist woman issues and merging those strategies with surrounded environment to target all groups of women specially the marginal areas. Besides, the participants emphasized that there is a great opportunity to use media as a tool to give Palestinian society and Palestinian women in specific a real voice, face and full-life and representation.


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Brief Information:

Society Voice Foundation – SVF is a non-profit organization, non-governmental, non partisan, established in 2001 – SVF mission is to empower the Palestinian civil society by designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a series of community actions. SVF has three different offices in Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Since its inception, SVF received donations from 20 different international donors to support its work and initiatives from EC, OFID, Arab Fund, and UN youth fund, WFD, NED etc. In this context, SVF has succeeded to manage implementing more than 32 civil society projects under its four civil society programmes targeting mainly women and youth.


SVF seeks improving the situations of the target groups on the concept and practices of empowered civil society to undertake initiatives instead of negative positions. SVF’s target groups will campaign for better community participation, rule of law, transparency, gender equality, fighting corruption and respecting international human rights laws within the Palestinian organizations. The situations of the target group will be improved by participation, accessing of information and contributing to transparent and accountable public life. SVF mission is to contribute to empower the Palestinian civil society by designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a series of good governance, Human rights, democracy and conflict transformation actions.


  • Promote and disseminate the concepts and practices of human rights in accordance with the international humanitarian law.
  • Raise Awareness of the Palestinian citizens about human rights and the humanitarian international law.
  • Increase understanding and engagement of the Palestinian citizens in the actions and practices of democracy, good governance and rule of law.
  • Spread awareness among people on the importance of societal development which depends on strong basis and how to achieve it, and on making people aware of how they and the society will benefit from it.
  • Increase the participation of the whole classes of the society in development and societal issues while opening new spheres to other civilizations.
  • Empower woman social participation and political engagement in decision making process as an integral part of understanding her rights and duties at all levels.
  • Promote dialogue of civilizations across the Mediterranean to contribute to pluralism, and cultural openness of the Palestinian society with emphasis on its own identity.
  • Promote the Palestinian cultural heritage through art, theater and media as an integral part of human and social development.
  • Develop and build the capacities of the Palestinian citizens to respond to conflicts and crisis peacefully and positively.
  • Improve youth understanding of non violence and engagement in peaceful and conflict transformation actions and practices as necessity for development and social change.

SVF Organized a Workshop, ‘ Activating Palestinian Laws to Stop Violence against Women

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SVF organized a one day workshop on “Activating Laws on Violence against Women” targeting 90 participants from different stakeholders such as (media, human rights’ specialists, civil society representatives, active women, some active civil society organizations, academics…etc.) The workshop organized at Grand Palace Hotel on November 22, 2007 between 10:00 a.m. 13:00 p.m. Mr. Ibrahim Natil, SVF director inaugurated the discussion of the workshop welcoming the participants. He ensured the importance role of the Society Voice along the other active civil society institutions and stakeholders to establish a democracy civil society based on multiplicity and tolerance.

According to the studies, Mr. Taal’at Bathatho (Civil Society Specialist – SVF) pointed to the studies proved that violence is not often take place on legal and Islamic backgrounds. They are happened on the cultural heritage without punish the commission.

The lawyer Mr. Ameed Ashour focused on the necessity of protecting women from all forms of violence. He ensured that woman is still faced social discrimination, because of the absence of legal materials and conducting the traditions and the habits in spite of her great role, struggles and sacrifices, side by side with the man. Mr. Ashour pointed to the applicable Panel law which had never modificated, and the separation between the applicable laws in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Mrs. Sherien Shaheen blamed the law which provides the protection and the cover to continue the serial crimes, and she pointed to the Islamic view which forbids the killing and she cited Qura’nic verses.

The participants makes the following recommendations to assist the PA in reforming its laws and practices to comply with international standards in order to ensure that Palestinian women are able to exercise their full range of human rights free from violence:

  • There is a need for long-term work on transforming attitudes and beliefs about the acceptability of violence against women and girls, whether stemming from tribal customs or interpretations of religious norms, or other sources. These efforts are best led by local advocates for women’s rights who live and work in the community, but deserve public support and promotion by the PA and international support.
  • To preventing violence against women and pursuing these crimes through effective investigations and prosecutions. The PA should enact laws criminalizing all forms of family violence and repeal legal provisions that in intent or effect perpetuate or condone violence against women.
  •  The PA should also train all government employees (including police officers, doctors, governors, and forensic experts) who come into contact with victims of physical and sexual violence on how to deal with such cases appropriately and establish clear and explicit guidelines of intervention in line with international standards. Many of these training materials have already been developed and pioneered by Palestinian NGOs and should be considered by the governmental and supported with any available funding.
  • Establish specialized centers, for legal consultation and psychological support services to victims of domestic and sexual violence. These centers should be accessible and adequately staffed and funded to assist all victims in a timely manner.
  • Establish quality shelters or other safe spaces for women survivors of violence that function as refuges without compromising women’s privacy, and personal autonomy.
  • Increase programs providing services for victims of violence. These services should include women’s shelters, medical care, counseling, literacy classes, job/skills training, and legal aid

SVF organized a conference discusses women’s reality and challenges

31 December, 2007 News

In a conference organized by Society Voice Foundation in cooperation with Al-Aqsa University on (women in view of recent circumstances: reality and challenges), attended by hundred