SVF organized training courses to enhance women’s political participation

Gaza – SVF’s Empowerment Women Social and Political Participation Program accomplished four training courses entitled ‘ Empowerment  political and social participation of Palestinian women ‘  in cooperation  with Women Programs Centers of Nusseirat, Khan Yunis, Rafah and Beach Camp. The  training courses targeted 130 active women graduates and volunteers. The training courses are funded by the NGOs Development Center – NDC. The courses discussed and analysed a number of themes to empower women social and political participation. These topics discussed social and political reality and reflection on women in the international conventions and Palestinian laws. They highlighted also the experience of women’s leadership in the election of local councils, the role of media in strengthening and activating women  political participation as well as management and implementation of advocacy campaigns to strengthen women role in the political process.
Mrs. Fidaa’ Ghanem, program manager, said that these courses aimed to enhance political participation of Palestinian women . She continued: ‘ this kind of participation contribute to achieve a genuine partnership in policy-making process’ . In this sense, she confirmed on the fact that young women play a crucial role in society and have enough capacities and energies to affect decision-making process.
Mrs. Ghanem also emphasized  that these courses are parts of other community activities aiming to increase women engagement in the political and democratic process. These activities are public meetings,  producing  a number of  publications and newsletters, and radio shows discussing urgent political issues with decision makers and community leaders.

A number of highly qualified coaches whose professional experience in the field of training and community work supervised and conducted the training sessions.

SVF Organised Community-based peace, Tolerance and Dialogue Training in Jenin

SVF completed a training course on promotion community-based peace, tolerance and dialogue in Jenin. The course lasted for four days (30 hours) and targeted 32 young leaders. This training is funded by EC. The training conducted in cooperation with Human Community. A number of the civil and governmental institutions in Jenin governorate participated in the opening session.

Mr. Abed Al Hakim, director for Human Community Association appreciated the great role of Society Voice Foundation in spreading culture of community peace. He also confirmed the vital role of disseminating community peace to increase cohesion and constructive understanding within community.Mr. Loa’y Oka and Hassan Kateeb delivered training to promote peaceful concepts of civil peace and their impact on Palestinian society. Mr. Oka tackled different types of advocacy and lobby campaigns to promote and disseminate the culture of community- based peace in the Palestinian society.Mrs. Abeer Qasim, SVF’s coordinator confirmed the significant active role of NGOs and CSOs in promoting and increasing culture of community and social peace. She also maintained the great need of conducting such kind of courses to empower the Palestinian youth in spreading the culture of community-based peace. She added: this training will contribute to resolve internal conflicts peacefully and build democratic society based on non-violence and accepting others.

Mrs. Qasim emphasized that the SVF will organize a number of public awareness meetings and live radio shows in the West Bank to disseminate those peaceful concepts and practices.  She continued: these activities will reach the largest number of participants and beneficiaries in order to mobilize new energies and capacities of young leadership to build democratic civil society free of violence.


Public Meeting: the role of media tools in promoting community-based peace

SVF’s Youth Program for Dialogue, Tolerance and Reconciliation organized a public meeting to discuss the role of media tools in promoting community-based peace, in coordination with Al Tawasol Society for Development in Khanyounis. Mr. Jehad Ahmed facilitated the meeting and discussed the effective role of media in influencing the communities. He said that media succeeded to affect the Arab history through the later events of Arab spring revolutions.

He also indicated that the concept tof community-based peace maintains safety for all people living on the ground, and avoid the using of means of torture, killings and displacement. He maintained the positive effect of implementing such concepts on Arab communities especially the Palestinian society. He also pointed out the role of different media outlets, especially social networks and electronic websites, to promote a culture of community-based peace and empowering communities to rebuild the social union.

On the other side, he emphasized on the necessity of formulating information materials to strengthen tolerance and culture of peace. He added: ‘ this will contribute largely to facilitate the implementation the national reconciliation.

In conclusion, the participants demanded CSOs to organize more awareness seminars and meetings to increase community awareness of culture of tolerance, dialogue and accepting.

Community Meeting: Promotion Woman’s Political Engagement

SVF’s Empowerment Women Social and Political Participation Program organized a community meeting to discuss “Woman’s Political Engagement” on June  9th, 2012. 60 women and young leaders attended this meeting from Al Fadila Women Society in Nuseirat.

Mrs. Sanaa’ Hassnat, civil society activist facilitated the debate focusing on women’s key role in political engagement. Mrs. Hasnat discussed the impact of women’s important role in community development Process. She indicated that women’s participation in the political development process will give her enough power to share responsibilities and obligations, which contribute to development of society in various fields. She also discussed the impact of political participation as an important factor of democracy. She pointed out that women’s social and economic liberation will increase her education as a key element of activating her political participation.

She also discussed the impact of women’s organizations in promoting women’s political awareness by implementing  educational, awareness, and cultural programs. There were a number of views raised to by participants in this context.  Mrs. Fatma Abu Khadra, a community volunteer and participant in the debate recommended and called community organizations to improve their actions of empowering women political engagement. These actions will empower women to get  opportunities to express their views without fears or hesitations to advocate their rights and issues aswell.

In this context, Mr. Yousef Sad, a civil society activist from SVF concluded the meeting urging community and women to increase their roles in the political process to achieve freedoms, independence, equality and social justice. He also called all CSOs, NGOs and media to work together to promote women political participation.