Violence against woman and its impact on familial life

15. May, 2012 Reports No comments

Mr. Ramdan El.Helew, ( from Gaza Center for Psychological Health), focused on the dissemination of violence against woman in the Palestinian community, he talked about the violence concept based on discrimination forms in regards to cultural, societal, economic and political backgrounds.

He pointed to the offenses include domestic violence, rape, incest, child abuse and violent responses to so-called honor crimes, like adultery, that embarrass the clan, family or community, he hinted that the Palestinian community suffer from violence problem pointed to women and girls based on gender.

Mr. El.Helew clarified the factors contributes violence increasing included, poverty, illiteracy level growing, the absence of the religious awareness and human rights toward woman, the negative accumulation of cultural heritage, the community view of woman’s inferiority, the absence of the legal and legislation rights regard to woman and the tumble of the economic conditions. Consequently, those factors contributed largely aggravation of violence inside the family and the whole Palestinian community. Hence, he mentioned the outcomes resulted of violence against woman contribute community’s relationships dissolution.

At the conclusion, the participants recommended to the necessity of providing support, psychological and societal aid and protect for women exposed violence; providing awareness programs through conducting meetings and seminars to empower and strengthen women to face their problems and to make a lobby on decision makers toward modification of the Palestinian Penal law.

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